Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Living out the reconciling and radical Love of Christ, we are catalysts and connectors unleashing God’s abundance to bless and transform ourselves, our neighborhood, and our world.

Our Mission

We seek and experience God through worship and discovery as we welcome, embrace and serve one another and our neighbors.

Our Core Values

Following the Way of Jesus Christ, we are . . .
AUTHENTIC: We embrace transparency, spontaneity and are willing to take risks in order to be true to ourselves, to God and to one another.
INCLUSIVE: We welcome all persons into our common life and celebrate the gifts and growth that come with diversity as we hear and share our stories.
CREATIVE: We experience the fusion of the Divine and the Human when we discover, study, express and celebrate all God gifts.
LITURGICAL: We connect with the Mystery of God in worship through traditional and innovative symbols, rituals and the arts.
COMMUNITY: We become more fully alive and at one with God as we connect, collaborate and care for one another, our neighbors, and our environment.

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