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 Aug. 6, 2017  Rev. Judy Rhodes Mountaintops
 July 30,  2017  Rev. Judy Rhodes  Be Now Between Us  
 July 23, 2017  Tina Karagulian  
 July 16, 2017  Rev. Judith Rhodes  Simple Gifts  
 July 9, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Who Is Jesus?  
July 2, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Welcoming One Another
 June 25, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Sometimes Love Gets Messy  
 June 18, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Are You Willing to Sacrifice?  
 June 11, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Is God a Noun or a Verb?
 June 4, 2017  Rev. Judith Rhodes  The Fire of Love
 May 28, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  That We May Be One  
 May 21, 2017  Rev. Judith Rhodes  Being Eastered People  
 May 14, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  The Way, the Truth, and the Life  
 May 7, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Pursuing the Abundant Life Together  
 April 30, 2017  Rev. Sam Todd  Something Must Have Happened  
 April 23, 2017  Special Presentation  Open Table Ministry  


Mark Mangus, soloist

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

(Easter adaptation by Kelley Mooney)

 April 16, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  I Give Myself to the Resurrected Christ
 April 9, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  A Very Different Kind of King and Kingdom  
 Mar. 26, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Choosing Light or Darkness?  
 Mar. 19, 2017  Rt. Rev. Gary Lillilbridge  
 Mar. 5, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Temptation Clash of the Kingdoms  
 Feb. 26, 2017  Rev. Judith Rhodes  Heaven is Breaking Through  
 Feb. 18, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Be Perfect  
 Feb. 12, 2017  Rev. Judith Rhodes  Seeing With New Eyes  
 Feb. 5, 2017  Rev. Robert Woody  Don’t Listen !  
 Jan. 29, 2017  Rev. Judith Rhodes  The Power of Love  
 Jan. 22. 2017  Rev. Judith Rhodes  Upholding the Legacy  
 Jan. 15, 2017 Rev. Robert Woody  Blessed to Be and for Being a Blessing  
 Jan. 15, 2017  Edward Jones, guest soloist  

 Jan. 8, 2017  Rev.Robert Woody  We Need Epiphanies  
 Jan. 1, 2017  Robert Woody  In the Name of Jesus  
 Dec. 25, 2017  Robert Woody  The Light
 Dec. 18, 2016  Tina Karagulian  Dismissals and Blessings  
 Dec. 11, 2016  Jennifer Murphy  The Bible Challenge  
 Nov. 27, 2016  Robert Woody  Be Prepared  
 Nov. 20, 2016  Robert Woody  Imagining the Kingdom  
 Nov. 13, 2016  Robert Woody  A Journey of Faith and Endurance  
 Nov. 6, 2016  Robert Woody  Supporting our Spiritual Home  
 Oct. 30, 2016  Robert Woody The Wise”Z” Move  
 Oct. 23, 2016  Robert Woody  Pride or Humility  
 Oct. 16, 2016  Robert Woody Prayer, Faith, Action  
 Oct. 9, 2016  Sam Carter Gilliam  Biblical Women  
 Oct. 2, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody Feast of St. Francis
 Sept. 25, 2016  Rev. Judy Rhodes Universe  
 Sept. 18, 2016  Sylvia Maddox  Oceans  
 Sept. 11, 2016  Rev. Steve Behr  Storms  
 Sept. 4, 2016  Rev. Marilyn Lange Clean Air  
 Aug. 21, 2016  Rev. Judy Rhodes Holy Moly, Jesus, You’re on a Roll  
 Aug. 14, 2016  Rev. David Wendel  A Ready Openness to God  
 Aug. 7, 2016  Tina Karagulian  Be a Bridge of Light  
 July 31, 2016  Rev. Judy Rhodes  When Is Enough Enough  
 July 24, 2016  Rev. Judy Rhodes Entering into the Mystery: Prayer  
 July 17, 2016  Rev. Steve Behr God of the Future   
 July 10, 2016   Rev. Judy Rhodes  Who is that lying in the road?  
 July 3, 2016  Rev. Judy Rhodes Let Your Life Speak!  
 June 26, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody  Freed to be Slaves?  
 June 19, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody Love vs. Fear  
 June 12, 2016  Art Kirby  
 June 5, 2016  Rev. Judith Rhodes Wow!
 May 29, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody  The Wideness of the Kingdom
 May 22, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody  God is Always Present  
 May 15, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody The Spirit’s Birthing  
 May 8, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody  Healing Our Blindness  
 May 1, 2016  Tina Karagulian  Waiting With Grace  
 April 24, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody  Our Unfolding Journeys  
 April 17, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody  Following the Good Shepherd  
 April 10, 2016  Rev. Robert Woody  
 April 3, 2016  Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek  
March 27, 2016 Robert Woody Love Wins
 March 20, 2016  Robert Woody  Are we Following our King?  
 March 13, 2016  Terry Arata-Maiers The Last Dance  
 March 6, 2016  Robert Woody Reconciliation with God and Neighbors  
 Feb. 28, 2016  Bp. David Reed  May His Love Urge Us On
 Feb. 21, 2016  Robert Woody  The Narrow Gate is Wide Open  
 Feb. 14, 2016  Recovery Sunday Twelve Steps  
  Feb. 7, 2016  Robert Woody   Epiphanies  
 Jan. 31. 2016  Robert Woody Slap in the Face  
 Jan. 24, 2016  Jana Orsinger One Song  
 Jan. 17, 2016  Jorge Montiel Becoming a Neighbor  
 Jan. 10, 2016  Visit from
the Wise
 Jan. 3, 2016  Robert Woody  Who Is This Child?   
 Dec. 27, 2015  Tina Karagulian  The Light
Shines in the Darkness
 Dec. 24, 2015  Robert Woody And There Shall Be Endless Peace

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  1. Hello, Alfredo. I fixed the spacing so you can better access the audio file for that day. For the Jan. 10, service, we do not have a readable file. Thank you for your interest.

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