Youth Ministry Needs

2013 Jr High mission trip WRight now, the Youth are busy raising money for their summer mission trips. The older youth will be going to Nashville,Tennessee in June, and the younger group will be off to the Rio Grande Valley in August. Each group will be working with local organizations to serve those in need.

Each year there are more and more kids who want to go on these meaningful trips but need scholarship help to do so.

Another upcoming need is to help youth to attend summer camp at Camp Capers. This is such an incredible experience for the kids. Our diocese offers a great scholarship program: the diocese pays 1/3 of the total camp tuition, the home parish pays 1/3, and the family pays 1/3.  We need to raise $ to pay Reconciliation’s 1/3 as the home parish, and to assist the many families who also need help with their 1/3.David at camp W

Also, the annual budget for the youth intern stipend had to be reduced this year.  It limits potential hours we can afford. Donations to this staff line will increase the hours of this important youth leader.

Please help by supporting Youth fund-raising events, like the Talent Show on Sunday, June 1. Any donations of money at any time will of course be greatly appreciated.

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