Sunday Morning Ministries

The annual parish budget does not cover all the needs for our regular Sunday ministries, worship and related activities..  The following are areas that depend on extra donations and/or volunteer assistance.

Nursery: Trained, licensed paid professionals staff our Nursery.  This year’s budget includes funding for one staff member.  We depend on donations to underwrite the second staff member.  Nursery volunteers are also needed. Happily, we have had an influx of babies and young children. (Please note that all nursery volunteers must have Safeguarding God’s Children training and undergo a background check.) Additionally, nursery supplies need cleaning and replacement from time to time.

Newcomer Ministry:  To invite newcomers into fellowship with other Reconcilers, regular luncheons and desserts are given, which are not covered by the annual parish budget.

Diverse Worship Services: Funds donated to this ministry contribute to the experiential nature of the services created.


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