Parish Life

The Church of Reconciliation is blessed to have richly diverse faith community.  Finding events, programs and activities to bring together members of the parish in fellowship enriches and strengthens the community.  The annual parish budget does not cover all the needs for our Parish Life.  The following are areas that depend on extra donations.

  • Child Care:  From time-to-time, child care needs are underwritten by the parish to enable families to attend parish functions.
  • Continuing Education:  Our priest, youth ministry and other staff members need opportunities to learn and grow so that they might help feed us.  Registrations and related expenses are not budgeted but essential for our leadership.
  • Young Adults and Families:  Essential to the overall future of our parish, activities and formation programs for young adults and families require funding.


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One thought on “Parish Life

  1. I just completed a $200. donation via PayPal. Please make note this is for “Happy Birthday to Melanie Christensen.”
    Thank you.

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