Diverse Worship Team

MISSION:draping Pentecost 2012 back altar

A lay group, this team helps create periodic experiential, liturgical worship services by using word, performance and the sacred spaces at Reconciliation to experience new ways of finding meaning in our worship.


Performance arts are often at the focus of the Diverse Worship offerings.  Past services include an experiential four-parish Lenten Maundy Thursday service held at St. David’s; a performance service entitled “Hands and Feet”; and an installation environment for Pentecost.  Members meet to plan, write and design worship services.  Initial discussions are blog-like exchanges to explore the sacred.  Meetings are normally held at 9 am on Sundays, while other tasks are performed as needed.   The Diverse Worship Team plans 3 to 4 services per church year.


To serve on one of the Liturgy and Diverse Worship Teams, laypeople take a brief course on liturgical traditions and meanings in the Episcopal Church.  After the course, members contribute to the creative process of planning alternative liturgies and services that branch out from our traditional worship while remaining true to our Anglican and Episcopal identity.