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Reflection from a reconciler:


Many years ago I began writing this phrase in the sand on every beach I visit, usually at sunrise or sunset. Silently, I wait for a wave to come and collect my words, carrying them out to sea. This ritual has become a form of morning and evening prayer for me, a tangible way of sharing my intention to remain in love “no matter what” with the whole world. I have found it to be a way of connecting with the deepest parts of myself and with the “One Song” (uni-verse). Wherever I find myself, in whatever situation, I will say/pray: Only love. It’s a reminder to tap into the power that’s deeper than surface appearances, the power that transforms every difficulty into peace, from the inside out, beginning with my own heart.

Jana Orsinger
November 16, 2016


While Robert Woody was on sabbatical, he posted reports of his visits and interviews with other faith communities. He kept us informed about what he learned. Visit the blog.

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